‘Women Building Futures' program aims to train women for careers in construction industry

These days, women fill every job imaginable capably and confidently. But there’s one job where you still might not expect to see many women: construction. That’s why one program in Tampa, dubbed “Women Building Futures,” aims to train women to work in construction.

Construction can be a lucrative industry for many workers, but women make up only 9 percent of the entire construction workforce in America. That’s less than one in every 10 construction workers.

The program helps women learn the skills and knowledge they need to work in the construction industry. They’re not just learning a new trade, they’re changing minds about what women can do.

“There’s a big demand for tradesmen and workers in the construction field so this class will give the ladies the opportunity to be able to go out and compete in that arena,” program manager Kimberly Kitchen told Fox 13.

The women want to work alongside the men, but they say there’s nothing for men on the jobsite to worry about.

“We’re not gonna replace ‘em, we’re just gonna enhance ‘em,” joked student Candra Mack Granville.