Workers use boulders to fill large sinkhole in Pacifica as temporary fix

A 40 by 8-foot sinkhole on the Pacifica coastline could take some time to fix. The hole is along the Promenade and extends 14 feet deep to the ocean below.

"Well, it just tells you nature has a way of taking back whatever man has done," said Pacifica's Public Works Director and City Engineer, Van Ocampo.

Public Works crews spent Monday working along Beach Boulevard where they lowered more than a dozen boulders weighing up to twelve tons each down into the sinkhole in an effort to shore up what's left under the sidewalk, and keep it from getting worse. It's a temporary fix until engineers can come up with something more permanent.

"We're safe," said Judy Mason, who lives across the street. "As long as the sinkhole doesn't spread, we'll be fine!"
Mason spent her afternoon sweeping debris from her driveway and sidewalk. She said she could see the waves crash against her second floor window. "And I assume it's going to happen all winter," Mason said with a smile. "I love it!"

Ocampo said the city is not concerned about other parts of the Promenade failing. He said it's inspected regularly and a park ranger caught this sinkhole before any tourists or locals could stumble into it.