World-renowned Bay Area climber Hans Florine rescued after fall on Yosemite's El Capitan

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World famous rock climber and Bay Area resident Hans Florine had to be rescued Friday after he fell while climbing Yosemite’s El Capitan the day before.

Florine, who lives in Lafayette and owns a rock climbing gym in Concord, had been climbing for seven hours on a training run when a nut he was standing on dislodged 2,300 feet up on the Nose route, according to SFGate. He landed feet first on a ledge after falling 23 feet before he plunged over the side and came to a stop hanging upside down.

“I was on a rope like I always am, but the rope didn’t come tight before I hit the ledge. I had a helmet on, and I put a big dent in the granite wall,” Florine said, per SFGate, who contacted him in the hospital. “I knew from impact that my legs were not to be messed with. I could see just looking at my ankle that it wasn’t a good thing.”

Florine posted a photo of himself on Instagram with the caption: "Well, there is a rescue going on, on El Capitan. And it's me. I think I broke my leg. Rescuers please be safe."

Rescue crews airlifted Florine off the top of the rock after he was winched from where his safety gear saved his life. Florine, who has set multiple climbing speed records, is recovering from broken bones in both his left ankle and right heel at Community Regional Trauma Center in Fresno.