Yosemite rock climbing area 'Super Slide' closed due to massive crack

Royal Arches, North Dome and Washington Column from Stoneman Meadow in March, Yosemite National Park. (Photo by: Ron Reznick/VW Pics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Yosemite National Park had to close a popular rock climbing area because of a massive crack in the granite cliff. 

Climbers reported the crack on the western side of the Royal Arches formation near a climbing route called Super Slide, and National Park officials announced the closure on Aug. 30 to reduce the risk of rockfall.

A photo of the 200-foot splitter was shared by Yosemite Climber Stewards on Instagram. The climbers said the crack appeared overnight.

After park officials inspected the area, they discovered the crack had partially detached a large pillar of the rock and that more cracking is actively occurring.

The closed area stretches between Peruvian Flake West to Rhombus Wall and is shut to all hikers and climbers until further notice, officials said. Popular routes Serenity Crack and Sons of Yesterday are included in the closure.

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