Young child and father die in Crockett murder-suicide

Two people were found dead Friday night inside an apartment in Crockett.

Contra Costa County Sheriff’s have not yet identified the people who died in what they are calling a murder-suicide.

Shortly after 8:30 p.m. Friday, several Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Deputies began arriving at the 1200 block of Pomona Street.

"They had every road blocked off, except for right there. And they had police all around here," said John Dine, who was walking his dog while police were investigating the area.

Another resident, Jeremiah Sattes, who was also out that evening, said he happened upon the scene and figured he knew what was happening.

"I thought it was a chase from Vallejo, and then I was out walking my dog and there were about eight to ten cop cars all in this area over here. And I thought they chased somebody into the school or something," Sattes said.

It turned out deputies were responding to something far more serious, as Sattes would soon discover.

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"Later on that night I read a story and saw that they taped off the whole area and it was a gruesome discovery," Sattes said.

The Sheriff’s department said the gruesome discovery was a murder-suicide.

By morning, there was scant evidence police had been on the scene, only a smattering of police tape, and one bouquet of flowers below the second-story apartment where residents were learning the bodies of a man and his son were found.

Residents in the area were sharing Facebook posts from the wife of the deceased, one from a personal account, the other from a community page. In one post she wrote, "My husband killed my 7-year-old baby, then himself." In the other post, she referred to her husband as "The Monster."  KTVU decided not to reveal the name of the poster since the names of the deceased have not been publicly released.

"It breaks my heart that a kid, a family lost two individuals," said Sattes, as he was gassing up his motorcycling at a station across the street from the crime scene.

A neighbor who declined to be interviewed described the family in the apartment as troubled but did not elaborate.

In this small town unaccustomed to such violence, news about what happened has been circulating fast.

Everyone is still waiting to learn the motive of the killings.