Young girl with medical issues gets taste of stardom

8-year-old Maggie Dadswell really wants to be a famous YouTube star. She’s even been practicing her makeup tutorials at home with her brother. Recently she was treated to a taste of that fame by KIDSgala, an organization that gifts "celebration of life" parties to children. 

Born with hydrocephalus, then diagnosed with epilepsy, Maggie has earned a night of fun. 

"She had brain surgery at ten months old, and then when she was three she began starting to have seizures. She has seizures called ESES, which are while she sleeps. About 80 percent of her sleep, she seizes," explained Maggie's mom, Kim Dadswell to FOX 2. “She is a trooper. To go through all of it. I mean, she’s just amazing. An inspiration, honestly. She will never forget this. That’s what’s so beautiful about it.”  

Maggie’s party featured a red carpet, paparazzi, and even her own personal limo driver. 

“I’ve driven Eminem. I’ve driven Kid Rock, local celebrities, I’ve driven Jennifer Lopez. She tops them all,” said her driver.

And it was clear Maggie enjoyed the spotlight.

"The look on Maggie's face when she walked in with the paparazzi - that's priceless. This is what it's all about, for sure," says Carrie Slominski, the vice president of KIDSgala.  

Watch the video to see Maggie’s special night.