Young mother who was shot and killed in Vallejo mourned

A young mother, shot and killed in Vallejo is being mourned as her loved ones demand justice.

Friday afternoon, a few dozen people rallied outside Vallejo Police headquarters, carrying photos of Ivana Orizabal, 21, who was taken off life support one week ago.

They chanted Ivana's name and when police cruisers passed, shouted "do your job, do your job," pressing the department to find Orizabal's killer.

"She was the love of my life, she was nice to everyone she met and her heart was so big," said boyfriend Alejandro Vallejo, 22.

Vallejo was driving their Mustang on Nov. 12, when it was fired upon, an attack he says was completely random and unprovoked.

Both Vallejo and Orizabal are Richmond natives and were in Vallejo to visit relatives. 

"I just remember the aftermath," said Vallejo, in tears.

Their baby was not with them in the car, as they paused at a stop sign at Fernwood and Georgia at about 5:30 pm..

Another vehicle pulled up and someone inside opened fire.

In a spray of bullets, one struck Ivana in the head.   

"She got shot and then she spoke to me right after," said Vallejo. "Her last words to me were 'I love you' and I told her that I loved her too."

In the week since, Raquel Antolin of Richmond, Vallejo's aunt, has organized rallies seeking justice for Ivana.

"It's a senseless shooting and we don't understand how people can be so inhumane and have no hearts, to drive around and just take people's lives," said Antolin.

Vallejo's Police Chief has met with Orizabal's parents. 

"Every murder case is a priority, and I've always said behind the statistics are real people who are suffering," Chief Shawny Williams told KTVU by phone.

Williams admits with only 7 detectives and 26 homicides this year, his department is challenged but no less determined to solve cases such as Orizabal's.

"We will not stop until we find justice for her," said Williams, "because this is an extreme tragedy and what happened to her is an epidemic of gun violence in our city."

Williams is not divulging any leads in the case, but acknowledged surveillance video from the neighborhood may help identify suspects.

At the house where the couple was headed, flowers and candles create a memorial to Ivana that is tended to and prayed over daily.

"Everyone is really devastated, they can't believe that this happened," said Antolin, who translated for one of Orizabal's aunts, who was laying flowers at the site.

"Ivana was a well-behaved girl, she didn't really get into problems with anybody," said Bianca Estela Orizabal, who described her niece as a devoted mom.   

"She loved her son very much and when she would take him to our house, she would show how much she loved him," said Orizabal.

Protestors shouting "enough is enough" don't want the young woman's killing to fade in the face of mounting Vallejo violence.

"I want justice for my baby and whoever did this has to pay," said Vallejo somberly.

There is a crowdfunding effort to help offset funeral expenses and provide for Orizabal's young son.

Of Vallejo's 26 homicides this year, Chief Williams says arrests have been made in about one-third of them.

He continues to seek City Council support to hire more personnel. 

Debora Villalon is a reporter for KTVU. Email Debora at and follow her on Twitter @DeboraKTVU.