Young Warriors fans inspired by team's NBA Finals run

OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) -- The NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been a thrill for fans, especially younger enthusiasts who are flocking to basketball courts and camps.

In the middle of Oakland's Chinatown,  courts are full of young people shooting hoops and practicing their moves. No fancy hardwood, just the humble concrete courts of DubNation and a legion of youngsters, inspired to dream big as they watch the Warriors in this dream season run for the 2015 NBA Championship title.

Poinciana Hung-Haas 9, and her sister Madison Hung-Haas,11, came decked out in Warriors' jerseys, shorts, shoes, and headbands.

But it is how they handle the basketball that attracts the most attention.

With a ball in each hand, the girls practice the "spider move" and fast double-dribbling routines made famous by Warriors' star Steph Curry's pregame warm-up.

Madison wants to follow in his size 13 footsteps.

"I want to be in the NBA when I grow up. I want to be like Steph Curry," she said.

Poinciana's favorite player is Andre Iguadala. 

"He's pretty strong and he's really good at defense," she said.

These NBA Finals are inspiring legions of young Warrior fans to up their games. Hundreds of young hopefuls are packing Warriors basketball camps throughout the Bay Area.

"The Curry back dribble and the back step; you see a lot of moves imitated now that you never seen before," said Thomas Iglesias, who helped coordinate a Warriors camp Thursday at San Francisco's Sunset Recreation Center.

Although Madison and Poinciana have not been able to attend an official Warriors camp, they've already brought home some hardware with their 2015 Chinatown team the Lincoln Junior Warriors. Plus, a photo of the sisters double-dribbling made the Oakland Tribune and the San Jose Mercury News.

"I was really into basketball before, but now, like, I have to play every single day," Madison said.

Just one more way this series is sparking dreams of future stars hoping someday they'll get a chance to shine.

The Golden State Warriors camps continue through October. You can find information about the camps at the team's official website.