Youth leads the way in Palo Alto's Earth Day rally and march

Climate activists and community members marched through downtown Palo Alto to mark Earth Day.

This rally was part of a youth-led event. Students from area high on the Peninsula organized the activities.

"It’s a celebration of where we’ve come," said co-organizer Saman De Silva. "We in Palo Alto have a climate plan that’s going to move us in the right direction. But I think it’s also a demand for more."

Student organizers said they want to see more climate engagement and for government leaders to take a stand.

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Co-organizer Julia Zeitlin said, "While little actions are important there are really big steps such as electrification or transitioning our home away from fossil fuels as well as voting. Or even as a young person who can’t vote educating yourself on who the climate champions area."

Katie Rueff founded a youth environmental education foundation. "We work with schools within the Palo Alto Unified school district and beyond to get kids to that next step where they’re finding their passions and learning to turn them into climate action," said Rueff.