49ers fans cheer on team as they head off to face Packers

Dozens of fans showed up Thursday to give the 49ers a proper send off as they traveled to Green Bay Wisconsin. They're set to take on the Packers in the divisional round playoff game Saturday.

As the 49ers loaded up on the bus to head out, fans were ready to send them off in style.

"Oh no I've got to send my boys off to be able to say alright we're here for you. We're giving you all the support that you need. Yes indeed," says fan Debbie Ryan, who goes by Top Hat Deb.

"We're here to support them, to let them know we're here behind them 100-percent, all the way from here to Wisconsin," says Jesse Mendez, of the 408 Faithfuls fan group.

And the fans know this kind of support makes a difference.

"It boosts their morale 100-percent," says fan Liz Ramirez.

And not just here, but on the road too. Many of these fans were there cheering in Dallas last week and are hitting the road for Green Bay now.

"If we can deal with single digit degree weather like that and they see us out there and we traveled that far for them, imagine how that pumps them up... seeing all that red wherever they go when we take over a stadium," says fan Joe Yturralde.

Of course there's no lack of confidence in their team.

"It is all about victory. It's all about revenge. We need this. We gotta get that Superbowl," says fan David Aldana.

And they're convinced they'll get there, that the Packers are just another obstacle to overcome.

"I'm more than confident. I'm ready to buy Superbowl tickets right now and a plane ticket and everything else," says Mendez.

The fans traveling to Green Bay say they're packing lots of warm clothes since temperatures are projected to be in the teens or possibly single digits by game time. The game starts at 5:15 p.m. PT and you can watch it right here on KTVU.