Golden standard achieved; Warriors' merchandise on fire

Golden State Warriors merchandise is selling fast, following the team’s 73rd regular season win on Wednesday.

Inside the Team Store at Oracle Arena, T-shirts commemorating the historic record are hard to find. Only a few women’s shirts were available. Still, fans bought other gear in preparation for the playoffs.

“It’s a great time to be a Warriors fan,” Matt Duncan, of Vacaville, said.

Hot selling items include authentic jerseys, replica championship rings and a Chinese New Year Letterman jacket.

“I’m just surprised that they had anything left here in this whole store,” Nolli Riordan, of Alameda, said. “It’s just so dynamic. It’s such a fever and frenzy. It’s totally awesome.”

Team officials said merchandise sales at are up 423% compared to last season, a year that saw the Warriors lead the league in online sales.

Marty Yongue, Director of Retail Operations, said workers are busy filling, packing, and shipping online orders.

“We had about 2,000 shirts in the arena last night all of which sold out in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes,” he said. “Now we’re working on replenishing that and we’ll have more come in this afternoon.”

Yongue said they received more than 2,000 online orders since the team’s win last night. The playoff merchandise will hit shelves this weekend.

Additional Warriors' merch stats:

-          Stephen Curry ranked first in the league for the NBA’s most popular jersey from Oct. 2015-Dec. 2015
-          Klay Thompson ranked 11th during the same period
-          Warriors are ranked 1st in the U.S. for team merchandise sales
-          In the 24 hours following the 2015 Championship, the Warriors sold more merchandise than any other champion in the history of the NBA, shattering the old record by more than 100%. It was previously held by the Lakers in 2010.