Super Bowl LIV: Following 49er fans to Little Havana for a taste of Miami

While the 49ers are spending most of their time in meetings and at practice, their fans are getting a chance to experience some of the things that South Florida has to offer. 

KTVU’s Claudine Wong is in Miami for Super Bowl LIV where she has been following 49er fans on the road to the big game. While football is center stage this week, Little Havana is a great place to experience the city’s food and culture. 

Cuban cafés like Pastelmania offer up classic Cuban pastries; some with meat and guava and cheese, and of course some very potent Cubano— a very potent, sweet and powerful espresso. It’s a good source of caffeinated energy. 

And you’ll need that energy to explore places like Domino Park. The park is a popular spot on Calle de Ocho. It’s a place that for 35 years has served as a meeting spot for the older Cuban community, who comes for a game or two of dominoes. 

The cigar culture is alive and well, but it’s not just about which cigar to buy. Eduardo, the shop owner we met, said the Super Bowl often brings in fans looking for something pretty specific. 

“A lot of people want a celebration cigar,” he said. He calls cigars the bread and butter of the city and says they are hard to find elsewhere. 

The neighborhood is rich in history with the old tower theater built in 1926—one of Miami’s oldest cultural landmarks. You’ll find the Paseo de las Estrellas or the walk of the stars, a tribute to Latin American actors, writers, musicians and artists. 

A few miles away, you’ll find the Wynwood Walls, which is a special place for street art. Considered the epicenter of art in Miami, three million people visit the spot every year, which has featured dozens of artists from around the world in a spectacular interactive setting. 

“I think Miami has a lot of spice to it and a lot of layers and this is definitely part of it now. It’s what defines us as Miamians," said Monica Quinonez with Wynwood Walls.

Once you leave the Walls, you’ll also find art throughout the Wynwood neighborhood. A mural of the Niners and the Chiefs went up just a few days ago.

“That’s kind of the beauty of street art. It just happens quickly,” said Juan Travieso, a street artist. He tells us he’s partial to San Francisco's 49ers for Super Bowl Sunday, but the murals he says are just a way of giving back in a way that is signature to Miami.