Zip Trips: Pittsburg

For the last Zip Trip of the summer, Mornings on 2 takes the show to Pittsburgs. We'll show you one of the historic businesses that's been supplying popular treats to Disneyland and other theme parks as well as introduce you to the East Bay boxing gym that's also a nonprofit.

Zip Trips: Novato

On this Zip Trip, you'll get a taste of this North Bay city's best restaurants and breweries and an inspiring story of empowerment about a non-profit that nurtures children who need a little extra help. Plus, there will be trivia and fun facts about Novato.

Zip Trips: Los Gatos

KTVU visited Los Gato for a summer Zip Trip, and viewers are invited to tag along and explore Santa Clara County's charming town.

Zip Trips: Fruitvale

KTVU's Mornings team goes to Oakland's historic Fruitvale district for a look at the vibrant neighborhood.

Zip Trips: Redwood City

KTVU heads to Redwood City on Friday for summer Zip Trip and viewers are invited to learn its history, top places to eat and the story or a special organization getting people with disabilities involved in baseball.

Zip Trips: Danville

The Mornings on 2 team was live in Danville on June 23 as part of the summer Zip Trips series.

Zip Trips: Santa Rosa

KTVU's Mornings team visited Santa Rosa, the largest city in the North Bay, for the second Zip Trip this year. As always, we explored the local history and culture, checked out great places to eat, and tested what the locals know about Santa Rosa. Plus, we caught up with a city native who's stepped into the limelight for his shoe designs.

Zip Trips: Martinez

The KTVU morning crew heads to Martinez for the final Zip Trip of the summer. Learn about the city's history, including the birthplace of the martini, as well checking out the sights and best places to eat.

Zip Trips: Dublin

Watch as KTVU turns up in Dublin for a live show focusing on the East Bay city.

Zip Trips: Pacifica

Watch as KTVU turns up in Pacifica for a live show focusing on the surf town on the Peninsula. Of course, the Morning team explores the local delicacies, digs into fun facts about Pacifica's history and scopes out the famous surf scene.

Zip Trips: Benicia

Mornings on 2 is on the road again and this time Benicia is the destination for a Zip Trip. We find some of the best places to get a bite to eat, hear an incredible youth choir and test your knowledge with trivia from this North Bay city.

Zip Trips: Union City

The Mornings team took the quick drive from Oakland for a show in Union City. We've got the highlights from this East Bay city as well as a story about a woman who is using food to help those in need. Plus, we'll test your knowledge about Union City.

Zip Trips: Petaluma

Mornings on 2 hits the road for the first Zip Trip of 2022, and this time, we're going to Petaluma. See some of the city's favorite restaurants, bakeries, and breweries. Plus, we take a cruise on the Petaluma River.