Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd dead at age 62

During his career, Hurd ran both Oracle and computer and printer maker Hewlett-Packard. Hurd joined Oracle as co-president in 2010 a month after leaving HP. He resigned from HP following accusations of sexual harassment by a female contract worker.

Cyberattack targets countries

A cyberattack was global in nature as hackers targeted several different victims throughout the world. Peter Young, a professor at San Jose State University, spoke to KTVU FOX 2 News at 4P about the cyber hack.

Net Neutrality: Analysis

A federal appeals court has ruled that it will not hear a challenge to overturn the FCC's rules on Internet neutrality. Ryan Eldridge, one of the founders of Nerds on Call, spoke to KTVU FOX 2 News @ 4P about the issue.

Cyber hacking: Good vs bad

KTVU anchor Ken Wayne looks at good cyber hackers who are helping shore up defenses against malevolent hack attacks.

Apple iPhone turns 10

The smartphone has now reached a milestone, 10 years after it revolutionized the mobile phone industry. Ryan Eldridge, co-founder of Nerds on Call Computer Repair, was on FOX 2 News @ 4 to talk about how the device has changed the game.

Uber parks self-driving cars

The ride share company said it is halting its pilot that saw autonomous cars operating on San Francisco streets. Tom Vacar reports.

Stanford study examines fake news

Stanford researcher Sarah Cotcamp McGrew spoke to KTVU News @ 4P about a new study that found that a majority of young students were unable to determine the difference between fake news and real news.