Apple releases emergency software update to fix security flaw

Apple released an emergency security software patch to fix a vulnerability that an internet watchdog group says allowed spyware from the world’s most infamous hacker-for-hire firm, NSO Group, to infect the iPhone of a Saudi activist without any user interaction.

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes' trial to dissect downfall of a tech star

Elizabeth Holmes is about to head into a San Jose, California, courtroom to defend herself against criminal allegations depicting her as the devious mastermind of a fraud that duped wealthy investors, former U.S. government officials and patients whose lives were endangered by a blood-testing technology that never came close to fulfilling her bold promises.

Meet the creators behind the first ever drone light show at an MLB game

These aren't off-the-shelf drones, but rather custom built units. The Oakland Athletics teamed up with Sky Elements last week and held the MLB's first ever drone light show during a baseball game at the Coliseum. KTVU FOX 2's Heather Holmes spoke with Rick Boss of Sky Elements Drone Shows about what it takes for them to put on a high tech light show in the sky.