NFL Week 1: 49ers beat Lions in Detroit 41-33

San Francisco led 38-10 early in the fourth quarter and allowed Detroit to score 23 points in three-plus minutes to pull within eight points. The 49ers barely held on for a 41-33 win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Obama criticizes Trump in scathing, personal terms

Campaigning for Joe Biden on Saturday, the former president painted Trump as insecure and self-absorbed, describing him as a failed president who cares more about himself than the country.

A bald eagle downed an EGLE drone, sending it into Lake Michigan

An Upper Peninsula bald eagle launched an airborne attack on a drone operated by a Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) pilot last month, tearing off a propeller and sending the aircraft to the bottom of Lake Michigan

Man's home seized for owing $8.41 in taxes

Oakland County commissioners sent an angry letter last week to Treasurer Andrew Meisner after the Michigan Supreme Court rebuked the county’s decision to seize one homeowner’s house after he underpaid his taxes by $8.41.