Bay Area Memorial Day heat advisory prompts warnings of how to stay cool and safe

Temperatures are higher than usual this Memorial Day weekend and officials are warning of excessive heat. 

Beginning noon Monday, high temperatures in the interior north and east bay are expected to climb well beyond 90. At noon a heat advisory goes into effect. 

But, this weekend Bay Area residents were already feeling the heat. 

"We’re here trying to refresh ourselves and stay cool," said Margaret Delacruz who was enjoying a cool down at the newly reopened Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

With surging temperatures, the re-opening of Hurricane Harbor in Concord could not have come at a more opportune time.

"Yesterday, today and tomorrow, the entire memorial day weekend, we are essentially sold out or at capacity," said Marc Merino, Six flags Nor Cal Spokesperson. 

With COVID restrictions limiting many of the Bay Area's attractions, activities may fill up fast. 

Whether it's enjoying air conditioning in a movie theater or hanging out in the shade at a park or beach, it's all about staying hydrated and finding a cool place to relax.

If you're not careful you could suffer from heat exhaustion so officials urge people to stay wear light, loose-fitting clothes and stay in shaded or air-conditioned places if possible.