Gov. Jerry Brown takes on Trump over climate change

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) -- Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday addressed a climate change conference meeting in San Francisco, sharply criticizing Donald Trump over the president's stance on climate change.

The California governor has become a leading Democratic voice in the nation on speaking out about the perils of climate change, saying it could be catastrophic for California and the nation if we don't act now to limit the damage.

He addressed a standing room only group at the 15th annual Navigating the American Carbon World conference at the South of Market InterContinental Hotel.

During his address, Brown dismissed Trump's stance on climate change.


"It's very paradoxical that we have a president who says two things," Brown said. "No. 1 is that climate change is a hoax. That's his first value proposition. His second is that it was created by China. And, the truth is that China is on a path to do a hell of a lot more than the Trump Administration in dealing with climate change. So, if there's any hoax, it's in the White house, not in Beijing."

Brown said that denying science, in the face of overwhelming proof, is not intelligent.

"That's so stupid that the fact that it's being said, it take my breath away," Brown said. "I mean if you can say that you can say anything."

Brown even cited his need, from his years in a Jesuit University, to use a Jesuit scholar's two keys to a spiritual life.

"Prayer and mortification," he said. "And both are needed to deal with Trump."

While most California voters agree with the Governor, it should not be forgotten that 4 million California voters voted for President Trump.

By KTVU reporter Tom Vacar.