Father's Day BBQ with Chef Darryl Bell

Chef Darryl Bell of Stateline Road Smokehouse joins KTVU to show us some of his grilling tips ahead of Father's Day weekend. He cooks up a delicious Branzino accompanied by a Sauce Vierge.

Grilled Branzino 


1 each Branzino, scaled and gutted 

Salt and pepper, as needed 

Fresh thyme and rosemary sprigs, as needed 

Oil of choice, as needed 

5 each Butcher twine, 10 inch strips 


Dry the branzino thoroughly inside and out. This can be done the night before. 

Preheat the grill to 375ºF. 

Season the inside of the branzino with salt and pepper. 

Place herbs inside the fish and tie the fish closed with the twine. 

Brush the outside of the fish with oil and season with salt and pepper. 

Place fish onto the hot grill. Do not move the fish until adequate grill marks are visible (about 2 minutes). 

Flip the fish over and repeat to achieve grill marks. Drizzle with the sauce vierge (see recipe).  

Sauce Vierge Recipe: 


2 each Heirloom tomatoes 

4 oz Extra virgin olive oil 

Fresh lemon juice, as needed 

Grilled zucchini, as needed 

Salt and pepper, to taste 

Chopped tarragon, thyme, basil, and chives, as needed 

Espelette powder, as needed 


Dice tomatoes and toss with salt. 

Drain, reserving the tomato juice. 

Whisk together tomato juice and olive oil. 

Add the herbs, lemon juice, and espelette pepper. 

Taste and adjust seasoning with salt, pepper, and espelette as desired. 

Add diced tomatoes and grilled zucchini and toss.