1 woman remains in critical condition after deadly crash at Vallejo bus stop

VALLEJO, Calif. (KTVU) - A horrific car crash at a Vallejo bus stop is proving to be especially devastating for one family.

Two of the pedestrians hit by the out of control car were sisters.

One was killed instantly. The other is still in critical condition.

The two women were accompanied by a third woman and two children, both four years old, when the group was hit.

"We understand they were doing some Father's Day shopping at a store on Sonoma Boulevard and they were trying to catch the bus to go home," Vallejo Police Sgt. Michael Nichelini told KTVU, "and it's devastating, any time a death or serious injury occurs, it's tragic."

The 2012 Nissan Versa jumped the curb and barreled into the pedestrians, some thrown by the car, others dragged under it.

The driver was unhurt and seemed "out of it, witnesses said, including one man whose feet were brushed by the car.

"He was like intoxicated," Willie Dixon described the driver, "and his head was going around and around, and then the police got him and he dropped on the ground."

That driver, who police say is 65 years old and from Suisun, had just been to a medical marijuana dispensary about a mile away.

At the traffic light just before he crashed, other drivers saw him slumped, with his head on his steering wheel.

"We're working closely with the D.A.'s office, they're the ones who ultimately try this case, we're fact finders," explained Sgt. Nichelini.

Investigators do not believe alcohol was a factor, and the driver has no prior DUI history.

He does have some medical or physical conditions that could affect his driving, or possibly the level of marijuana in his system was enough to impair his driving ability.

As the investigation continues, the fact that he is not under arrest, doesn't mean he won't be later.

"The same can be said for murderers," observed Sgt. Nichelini, "often times we know who killed somebody, and we don't arrest them immediately. Certain pieces have to fall in line first."

On busy Sonoma Boulevard, a small collection of candles and flowers has been started. Pieces of the car still litter the area.

"It's a tragedy, so sad, and I want to show her family my regards," Vallejo resident Sarah Dreiling told KTVU as she added flowers to the memorial. She did not know 49-year-old Rosa Navarro, who was killed, or her 52-year-old sister, gravely injured.

But Dreiling feels for them and wants accountability for the crash.

"I don't care if it's marijuana, alcohol, methamphetamines, whatever," she declared, "I mean, come on. This lady lost her life. Her children no longer have a mother."

Rosa Navarro's four-year-old daughter was with her, and was also hit, but survived.

A neighbor, 25 years old, who was pinned under the car briefly, is still hospitalized but stable, and her four year old son will be OK.

The toxicology on the case is expected to take a few weeks.