111-year-old woman votes, guest of honor at Willie Brown's annual event

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown hosted his usual Election Day Free Lunch at John's Grill in San Francisco on Tuesday. 

The luncheon featured candidates from San Francisco and the Bay Area who are up for election today, in addition to campaign workers, celebrities and tech billionaires among San Franciscans "who never pass up a free lunch," according to a press release. 

The guest of honor this year will be 111-year-old Lucy Mirigian, the oldest voter in San Francisco, according to Brown.

"Just think - women didn't win the right to vote until she was 13 years old," Brown said in a statement. "She has exercised her franchise in every election going back decades."

Mirigian couldn't quite hear in the noisy restaurant atmosphere and it appeared she didn't understand questions reporters asked her at the event, but spokesman Lee Houskeeper assured KTVU she did in fact vote by mail-in ballot and so did her octogenarian children.  

She didn't have too much to say, but had these words of advice for women in particular: “Women should vote. They have a lot of power. They better vote.”