12-year-old boy stabbed in San Leandro bank robbery recovering

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12-year-old Jacob Soriano is out of the hospital and recovering after being stabbed earlier this week at a bank in San Leandro.
On Wednesday, he was wearing Golden State Warriors gear that covers his bandages, except for one on his arm.

He described the attack that happened inside the bank on Monday.

"I guess I felt something on my back. I tried to run and guess I blocked her and I kind of got cut on my arm," said Jacob.
His mother became emotional talking about seeing him in the hospital for the first time.
"[I] broke out in tears, thankful he's alive," said Paula Soriano.

Jacob was visiting from Arizona. He was with his grandmother inside the bank on East 14th Street in San Leandro when police say a woman stabbed him in the back and shoulder with a pair of scissors.
They say she then robbed another customer.

Police arrested Hammond. They say she was still carrying the scissors and had blood on her hands.

Jacob never saw her coming.

Jacob's parents got the call in Arizona and had to drive to the Bay Area.

"Shock when you hear news like that. You think it’s a joke. The fact we were in another state was probably even worse," said his mother.
Jacob had surgery on his back. He needed 50 stitches. But he should make a full recovery. He says his back hurts the worst.
His mother says last night was rough.

"Nightmares, which are hard to accept," she said.

The family says it is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from those who heard what happened.

"The support from friends, family, strangers the community, beyond words I can't even think of." said Paula Soriano.

"I think it’s really thankful for them to help me because it's a thing that never happened to me before," said Jacob.

Jacob's mother says the family will get through this.

The family plans on heading back home Friday.
Iyona Hammond, the woman accused of the stabbing made her first appearance  in court Wednesday.

The 32-year-old was charged with attempted murder and robbery.

Jacob's family and friends have started a GoFund me page to help with some of the medical costs. Here is the link: https://www.gofundme.com/288dbur6