12,000 lightning strikes sparked over 560 fires across California

A summer lightning storm over the Napa Valley. (Nicholas Murrietta)

Over the past four days, California has recorded 12,000 lightning strikes across the state that have sparked more than 560 new fires, according to Cal Fire. 

Fire officials said aggressive firefighting has helped extinguish most of those fires, but over 10,000 firefighters are still battling nearly two dozen major wildfires or complexes in California including the LNU Complex Fire in Napa County and CZU August Lightning Complex Fire in  San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties. 

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Cal Fire said weather is a critical factor in the firefight including high heat, low humidity, and strong winds. 

Fire officials said they anticipate the high heat will continue into the weekend, exacerbating firefighting efforts as resources are already strained. 

Lightning behind the Arroyo fire in Livermore. Aug. 16. (Andy Tupman)

A summer lightning storm over the Napa Valley. (Nicholas Murrietta)

Lightning over Moorpark Avenue in San Jose. (Mahdi Ayat)

View of lightning from Glen Cove Overlook looking over the Carquinez Bridge. Aug. 16, 2020 (Justin Graham)

Lighting over Valley Memorial Park Cemetery & Funeral Home in Novato. Aug. 17, 2020 (Sherri Jacobs)

Mary Jane Hack shared this photo of the storm in San Jose on Aug. 16, 2020.