13-year-old struck by car in Daly City

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Police say a girl— 12 to 13 years old, was hit by a car at a busy intersection right off of Highway 35 also known as Skyline in Daly City shortly before 2 p.m. Wednesday.

It happened at the intersection of Westmoor Avenue and South Mayfair, just outside the Skyline Plaza Mall. Neighbors tell KTVU it's a dangerous intersection they avoid.

A black BMW station wagon and the girl's tennis shoes show where the collision happened.

Police say the driver remained at the scene and cooperated.

The girl was taken to the hospital where she is suffering from possible life-threatening injuries.
"It's so horrible that somebody was hit in the street like that," said Maricel Coquia, a neighbor who lives just steps from the accident.

She and her 8-year-old son say they avoid crossing at that intersection.

"Most of the cars coming from Skyline [are] going really fast going down. I think they need to put a stoplight in there," said Coquia. The intersection is a two way stop.

"There's no safeguard for the pedestrian. It's not really safe," said Christopher Acosta, a neighbor.  Some say in recent years, the volume of traffic has grown in this largely residential neighborhood filled with families and the elderly.

It's a 25 mile per hour zone but people say drivers often speed.

"The amount of traffic that has increased is incredible," said Nick Mischos. The 81-year-old veteran depends on his walker as he makes daily trips to the strip mall.
He says he's had close calls with drivers himself, "I've been out in the middle of the street walking in the pedestrian lane and they go around me instead of stopping."
Neighbors say even when they're driving, they avoid this intersection

"I actually go one street over so I don't have to blast through here and look three different ways to come into this parking lot because it is pretty dangerous," said Acosta.
Daly City police says it doesn't have information readily available on how many accidents there have been at this intersection.

When asked if the driver was cited, police would only say that the investigation is ongoing and it doesn't appear that the driver did anything criminal.