14-year-old Oakland boy robbed of pet French bulldog at gunpoint

A 14-year-old boy from Oakland said he is shaken up after he was robbed at gunpoint.

Thieves stole his family's French bulldog named Bella.

His mother Karmen Graciliano said she's outraged and upset by what happened, "I don't know who has her. How are they treating her? I just want her back."

She and her daughters posted flyers in their neighborhood, asking for help in finding their stolen pet.
"It's not okay," said Graciliano,"They took her away without realizing how much hurt they were going to cause to our family."

She shared surveillance video of her son taking Bella out for a walk around 8:30pm on August 2.

The teen asked KTVU not to reveal his identity.

He said he was just across the street from his home in East Oakland when a black Volkswagen Jetta drove alongside him.

The teen said he got suspicious and crossed the street to walk back home.

But the black car made a U-turn and pulled up next to him.

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"The passenger came outside and told me to give him the dog. And I looked at him. He pulled out a gun. I wasn't going to risk it, so I gave him the dog," said the teen.  

"What kind of person does that to a 14-year-old, pull out a gun to take his pet,"said Graciliano.  

Since the armed robbery, the family has been out looking for Bella.

They said they usually keep Bella confined to their fenced in yard, but that from time to time, a family member would take the pet out for a brief walk close to home.

"I'm still a little spooked," said the 14-year-old,"I just want to get the dog back. It helps me get through the day."

"I'm thankful that he's okay, that nothing major happened. But it's very upsetting," said Graciliano, "I want them to pay for what they did. I want justice. I don't want this to happen to anyone else."

The 14-year-old described the suspect as a light-skinned Hispanic male in his late teens or early twenties.

He's five feet nine and heavy set.

He was wearing a purple camouflage hoodie with faded blue jeans.

He has a buzz cut.

The family is offering a $1000 reward.

Anyone with information should contact Oakland Police

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