1,400 students unable to complete SAT tests in Oakland as testing demand soars

A Wi-Fi problem at an Oakland testing center left 1,400 students unable to complete their SAT exams on Saturday morning, according to College Board. 

College Board is a non-profit that manages AP and SAT college-entrance exams. In a statement to KTVU, College Board said all students would receive a full refund, and the non-profit will attempt to schedule students for another exam. 

"We know this was an incredibly difficult situation for students who worked hard to prepare for the test. We deeply apologize to all affected students," College Board wrote to KTVU.  

College Board says that student demand has exceeded capacity at SAT centers across the Bay Area.  The non-profit detailed that there aren't enough educational institutions willing to serve as test centers for students, leaving capacity limited. 

In order to provide an additional 6,000 testing seats, College Board contracted an outside vendor to manage testing at "non-traditional" locations such as hotels and convention centers in the Bay Area. 

"We remain focused on doing all we can to meet the capacity needs, and we will revisit vendor processes to ensure students do not encounter problems moving forward." – College Board