16-year-old stabbed to death in San Jose near Eastridge Mall

A 16-year-old was stabbed to death early Saturday morning in San Jose near the Eastridge Mall and a man he was with was taken to the hospital, where he is expected to live, police said. 

Officers were called out just after 1:30 a.m. to Quimby Road and Caraston Way.

The found the teen and the man had both been stabbed. While both were taken away by paramedics, police said that only the man survived. 

Before police arrived, one resident said he was up late playing video games.  Even though he was wearing headphones, he said he heard a loud commotion outside. 

"Next thing I know, I heard a bunch of yelling across the street, so I took my headphones off and I looked through the window, and I see a bunch of yelling going on," said Troy Buenaventura.

Numerous residents told KTVU they heard yelling also, but didn’t know who it was or what it was about.

While officers combed the neighborhood going door-to-door in search of video evidence, bewildered residents tried to figure out what was going on. 

"Cops banging on the door too, trying to figure out what happened as well. Definitely, a scary situation since we live just down the street right here," said Oscar Rodriguez, who added that he didn’t want to go outside immediately after the incident because he was concerned about his safety.

San Jose police have not yet released information about the teen and said they don’t have a suspect or motive at this time.

Though some residents seemed indifferent to the deadly crime, others new to the area said they'll be taking extra precautions.

"Probably put up more cameras, different angles to make sure we get all sides of our property just covered," said Rodriguez.

The stabbing death is San Jose's 26th homicide of the year.