16-year-old victim of fatal shooting ID'd, went to Hayward H.S.

The family of a Hayward High School student shot and killed just steps from his home is asking for witnesses to come forward.

16-year-old Lamar Murphy was a junior.

On Tuesday night, his family and friends held a vigil at the spot where the teenager was killed at the corner of Printon and Smalley in unincorporated Hayward.
Family and friends are trying to come to terms with the loss of Lamar. They described him as funny, cool and loving with a ready smile. He dreamed of going to college and wanted to be a nurse.

"He had so many dreams he can't accomplish. It just kills me he could have gone so far. He's good in school. He just doesn't deserve this," says Maggie Engels, Lamar's girlfriend.
His father Phillip Rushing says he has no idea why someone would want to harm Lamar. He says his son was nonviolent, nonconfrontational and was not involved with gangs.
"He's a good kid. He was a great kid ...very respectful," says Rushing. But Lamar's life was cut short suddenly Monday night around 6:45 p.m.

His father says Lamar was walking home from a neighborhood store when he was shot.

Alameda County Sheriff's spokesman says investigators are looking for two suspects who targeted Lamar.

His father says he heard that one suspect, a passenger in a vehicle, got out and fired multiple shots at his son and then was driven away by a second suspect.

He says there were a lot of people at the scene but quickly left when police arrived.

"How would they feel if it was their child? How would they feel if it was their son or daughter or brother? I'm devastated that nobody wants to step forward and talk," says Rushing.

The grieving father says he and Lamar's mother are now facing a new reality without their son.
"I walked into his room and there's a $91 check from his job laying on his bed that he'll never be able to cash and all I can do is pick it up and look at it," says Rushing.
Lamar worked part-time at a fast food restaurant. He enjoyed buying clothes and shoes.

"I don't know...he'll never wear them again," says Rushing as he showed KTVU his son's new Air Jordans,"I'll never get to hold him again and look into his eyes and tell him how proud i am of him."
Family and friends released balloons with messages written to Lamar.

They say they'll always remember him for his ability to bring out the best in those around him. Lamar's father says he wants those responsible for killing his son to be brought to justice.