18-year-old woman named as victim in Antioch birthday party shooting

An 18-year-old woman who was shot and killed at a birthday celebration in Antioch over the weekend has been identified. 

Relatives identified the young woman to KTVU as Nadia Tirado.

"Like many others, we are extremely heartbroken and devastated," loved ones wrote on a GoFundMe page for the victim. "She was an amazing daughter, sister, friend etc. She was known for lighting up a room and putting a smile on everyone’s face. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone. She was the most forgiving person we knew. She will be missed by so many and will never be forgotten."

Tirado was killed, and six others were wounded early Sunday morning when shooters opened fire at the birthday party.

Nadia Tirado identified by loved ones as the 18-year-old killed in an Antioch shooting over the weekend.

"Why did they do such an evil thing?" asked Melina Alvarez, a cousin of the victim. "It's unthinkable. I would have never thought that a party would turn into such a tragic event."

She said Tirado "was so full of life. She's just the happiest person ever. She loved dancing, having fun."

The party was being held for a teenager at a home in the 3300 block of Sunset Lane, when gunfire erupted around 1 a.m., according to police.

Antioch police Sgt. Kendall Price said they believe multiple shooters were involved.

As many as a hundred people attended the party, police said. Many in the crowd were younger than 18.


Person of interest named in San Francisco block party shooting

A person of interest is being sought in connection with a mass shooting that left nine people wounded at a San Francisco block party in the Mission district on Friday.

Officials said the birthday party was for a 19-year-old man when "uninvited guests" arrived. 

Someone started firing and seven people were hit: Two 18-year-olds, two 19-year-olds and two 20-year-olds were struck in addition to Tirado.

Tirado died at the hospital. The others are expected to survive.

Video from the scene shows police gathering bullet casings and medics carrying a stretcher out of the home.

Neighbors who live in the area described a chaotic scene as dozens of people fled the party to escape the gunfire.

"I saw a couple girls and people by the door hiding behind the bushes," said a man who asked to remain anonymous. "You can see their footprints right there in the rocks they were running around like crazy."

Antioch police are investigating and haven't identified suspects or persons of interest. They did acknowledge that they had been to the "area" before, but "this family and the people there are new to us." 

Meanwhile, dozens of Antioch police officers are on administrative leave right now. Nearly half of the department's force is under investigation by the FBI because of racist and homophobic text messages exchanged between some officers.

Mayor Lamar Thorpe said that's not helping the situation. 

"We should be able to prevent these types of things from happening with an adequate police presence on our streets," Thorpe said.