2 historic Fisherman's Wharf restaurants face eviction over claims of unpaid rent

Two historic restaurants in Fisherman's Wharf are facing eviction by the Port of San Francisco, which claims the restaurants owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent.

Fisherman's Grotto and Tarantino's are the restaurants in question.

As of Thursday, Fisherman's Grotto, which opened in 1935, was still taking reservations online, but its future is uncertain. 

This week, the Port of San Francisco and city served notice to the restaurant, saying it's facing eviction for unpaid rent. 

The San Francisco Business Times reports Fisherman's Grotto owes more than $300,000 in back rent according to the port, which owns and manages this land.

Tarantino's, which opened in 1946, on Jefferson Street is also facing eviction.

According to the port, that restaurant owes more than $140,000 in unpaid rent. 

Tarantino's restaurant looks like it's been closed for a while. There is graffiti on the windows and the some boards blocking the front door.

According to the Business Times, both restaurants are owned by the same person, who also owns Tommy's Joynt.

If evicted, it would leave another vacant space in this block of Fisherman's Wharf. 

Alioto's restaurant, next door to Alioto's, closed last year after the pandemic