2 Investigates: East Bay dealership owners plead 'no contest' to rolling back odometers

MARTINEZ, Calif. (KTVU) -- The husband and wife owners of California Car Sales in Antioch made a plea deal to avoid further jail time in a case involving "rolled back" odometers on dozens of cars sold from the dealership, but prosecutors also hope the move will help them get more money returned to victims in the form of restitution.

2 Investigates first followed investigators with the DMV in June 2014 when an undercover officer paid George Guevara $4,500 for a 1999 Chevy Venture with an odometer showing 115,000 miles.

Records revealed the minivan actually had 260,000 miles on it when Guevara purchased it at auction months earlier.

Prosecutors later filed a variety of charges against Guevara and his wife, Danielle, related to the odometer fraud.  The couple eventually lost their license to sell cars. 

On Friday, they pleaded no contest and will serve roughly three months on electronically monitored home confinement. 

KTVU's Eric Rasmussen attempted to ask the couple about the charges as they walked into court for sentencing.  George Guevara responded with a barrage of expletives. Once inside the courtroom, the Guevara's remained silent, as a former customer was allowed to make a victim impact statement.

"I thought I was buying a reliable car," said the woman who did not want to be identified.  "In fact, I bought a car that was wrecked."

"I'm a single mom. I go to college and I work. And I need a reliable car to drive to and from," said the woman. "Now I'm left with nothing."

While the Guevara's avoid additional time in jail, prosecutors say they're still working to collect money for as many as 32 former customers who say they were ripped off.

"My main focus right now is to try to get them as much restitution as possible," said Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Bill Murphy.

In court, attorneys confirmed the Guevara's placed $10,000 into a trust that will be used to pay back victims.  A separate restitution hearing was scheduled for August. Prosecutors say Guevara is not getting off "easy."

"There are felony convictions. He's going to be on probation with search and seizure. He's lost his business," said Murphy.

The attorney for Danielle Guevara told 2 Investigates his client wants a resolution for former customers.

"Certainly we think, Danielle thinks, it's very important that the people involved in contracts they're unhappy with are satisfied," said defense attorney Dirk Manoukian.

On Friday, Guevara also pleaded not guilty to an unrelated assault charge surrounding a fight outside the ABC Rendezvous bar in Antioch in April.  Police say a dog owned by Guevara bit and injured a female bartender.  The dog was later euthanized.