2 Investigates: Law prohibiting expired baby food sale not being enforced

"CVS/pharmacy has a clear product removal policy in place at all of its stores to help ensure that items are removed from store shelves before they reach their expiration dates. Any unintentional deviations from this policy that are brought to the company's attention are quickly rectified for customers," CVS Director of Public Relations Mike Deangelis said in a statement. 

The statement went on to read: "Our agreement with the state of California further strengthened our product removal and monitoring practices with additional training for retail employees and managers, in-store notices reminding customers to check expiration dates and offering discount coupons to customers who notify store personnel if they discover certain expired products. We will follow up with our Bay Area stores to ensure that our product removal procedures are being properly followed."

Deangelis also went on to say that the stores "register system prompts our cashiers to enter the sell-by date for certain items including infant formula, and our system blocks the sale if the item is outdated."

Health officials we talked to say they are doing the best they can. Senator Pan says he's done what can do to help fight the problem.

At the end of day parents we talked to say while its frustration consumers need to be more vigilant.

"I'll probably look at it more now," said Amy Barnes of Benicia.