2 men killed in San Francisco daytime shooting near playground identified

Two men died after being shot in San Francisco and two others were wounded in gunfire Sunday afternoon near a playground.

San Francisco police are searching for whomever opened fire at the park in the city's Crocker Amazon neighborhood. The two who were injured in the broad daylight shooting were last reported to be hospitalized. Police said they had non-life threatening injuries. The shooting happened at about 4:30 p.m. 

Evidence of a deadly Sunday afternoon are easily spotted at Alice Chalmers Playground. Bullet holes are visible in the side of the recreation center, and by the curb, there is a memorial to the two men who died following the shooting. 

A witness, who didn't want her name or image used, prayed with the victims until first responders arrived. "I just saw young men that were severely injured and a lot of blood. It was everywhere. It was terrifying." She said she heard 10 to 15 shots fired. 

The medical examiner released the names of the two men who died, 22-year-old Brandon Cheese from San Mateo County and 20-year-old Kieran Carlson from San Francisco.

A visitor to the memorial told KTVU the men were playing basketball, and suspects the shooting may have been an ambush.

Gertha Gillette, worked at the park for more than 20 years and says it was a peaceful park where children played. She's shocked at the violence that happened in this joyful place. "Well, you look outside and you see so much happening and you wonder if it's happening to your child," said Gillette.

There are reports the shooters sped away from the scene in a vehicle. So far, San Francisco police haven't released any vehicle or suspect descriptions.

Location of Sunday's deadly shooting in San Francisco.