$2 million in cuts are coming to San Bruno schools

SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KTVU) - The San Bruno Park District School Board voted Wednesday night to lay off 14 teachers and cut salaries by 1 percent.

The small district on the peninsula has been struggling financially for nearly a decade, and now faces a projected shortfall of $2.1 million for next year.

Officials already closed one school, increased class sizes and teachers have gone years without a raise.

"We can't even believe that after no cost of living raise, no raise for 8 years that then you want to take back money," said teacher Meghan Clark. "It's absurd."

Superintendent David Hutt said despite steps to get the district financially solvent, a large budget hole remains. He cited rising special education costs as one of the reasons.

Parents also voiced their disappointment with the budget plan at Wednesday's meeting.

Many told KTVU they are concerned about classroom overcrowding.

"If they have to increase the student-teacher ratio to 31-to-1 as they're talking about, that's not pretty, said parent, Nick Hart. "The kids can't get the help and attention that they need."

The district had been warned to take actions to get on firmer financial footing or risk a state takeover.