2 Powerball tickets worth $760,000 sold in California

Bummed to hear that you didn't win the $1.73 billion Powerball lottery? Don't toss your tickets just yet!

As the $1.73 billion ticket was revealed to be sold at a liquor store in Frazier Park in Kern County, California Lottery reveals two other tickets – both worth $760,111 each – were also sold within the state.

One of the two six-figure lottery tickets was sold at the Atlantic Wine and Spirit on South Atlantic Boulevard in Monterey Park.

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There are more than a billion reasons to dream, especially what you would do with the jackpot money. However, one thing all lottery winners have to take into account is the fact that their prizes will be taxed.

So how much do you really get after taxes?

It depends on a couple of factors: do you have to pay state taxes where you live? Will you take the lump sum payment or the annuity payout?

According to Powerball's website, those electing to take the annuity option get one immediate payment followed by 29 annual payments.

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