200-square-foot ‘shed' renting for $1,050 a month in California

A rental listing in San Diego received some backlash from locals who say the rental illustrates how bad the cost of living has become in the city.

On a rental site called Zumper, the listing shows a 200-square-foot “studio” that is located in the University Heights neighborhood.

Monthly rent is $1,050 but the potential renter must have an income 2.5 times more than that and a credit score of 650 or better. They must also have good rental references and no rental evictions on their record.

The small abode comes with a wall air conditioning unit, full bathroom and a kitchen with a mini-fridge and full-sized stove and oven.

While the requirements might seem a little steep, the leasing office JD Property Management and Realty, Inc. told the San Diego Union-Tribune that at least 100 people have asked about the property.

One Reddit user called the place a “shed,” while others asked how a full bathroom could fit in such a small location.

“Is that Cheryl’s She-Shed?” one user asked, referencing a State Farm commercial.

According to the Union-Tribune, the average rental price for a studio in the University Heights area is about $1,116 a month, but they’re usually a little bigger.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.