2012 murder of an 82-year-old Richmond woman solved

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After more than four years, a homicide has been solved after DNA evidence recently linked a man to the murder of an 82-year-old woman who was found bloodied and barely conscious in a Richmond parking lot back in 2012.

On Oct. 11 Officers arrested Richmond resident Jonathan Jackson after locating him in Antioch on suspicion of murder, rape, kidnapping, kidnapping with the intent to rape and several other sexual assault enhancements, police said.

The victim, Richmond resident Sun Kwon, was found the morning of Jan. 28, 2012 in the parking lot of Big O Tires at 10733 San Pablo Ave., according to police. Kwon, a grandmother to six grandchildren, had been sexually assaulted, severely beaten and suffered major injuries to her head.

Detectives at the scene had noted that it was one of the most horrific crimes scenes they had ever seen, according to police. DNA evidence was collected and later submitted to the Contra Costa County crime lab.

In the weeks after Kwon was found, officers canvassed the area in hopes of finding clues, but were unsuccessful.  

In July 2012, Kwon died from her injuries, according to police.

Last month, a new team of homicide detectives were notified by the Contra Costa County crime lab that they had a match on the DNA submitted back in 2012. The DNA matched that of Jackson.

He had recently been arrested on suspicion of auto theft, at which point he submitted a DNA sample.

After obtaining an arrest warrant, officers were able to arrest him, police said. Police are hoping that Jackson's arrest can provide Kwon's family with relief and closure.