21 safely rescued from amusement park ride

It took most of the day, but 21 people were finally rescued from an amusement park ride that malfunctioned on Friday night at Knott's Berry Farm.

They were trapped 150 feet in the air after the ride broke down at 2 p.m.

20 passengers and one operator were stuck on the Sky Cabin ride.

The theme park was unable to lower it, and had to call firefighters for help. 

Eight hours later, the riders were finally brought down one by one using a rope and harness system.

A father watching from below described the reactions of his children when they safely reached the ground saying, "The eight-year-old girl was crying".

Seven of the people trapped were children.

There were not any reported injuries.

Knott's Berry Farm says each of its rides is carefully inspected and that Sky Cabin will remain closed until the cause is fully investigated.