22-year-old rapper and 81-year-old retiree become best friends after playing Words with Friends

Spencer Sleyon, a 22-year old rapper living in Harlem, and 81-year-old Rosalind “Roz” Guttman from West Palm Beach were selected at random to play Words with Friends over a year and a half ago. That one game has grown into a beautiful friendship, and when the two met for the first time recently -- their story went viral. 

According to the Huffington Post, Spencer was initially impressed by Roz’s use of the word “phat”. Over time, however, their conversations evolved into more personal stories. Roz even offered up some advice to Spencer before moving to New York. “Always reach for the stars,” she told him. 

Amy Butler, a New York City pastor and friend of Spencer’s, was moved by the connection that spanned miles and generations. 

“One night, a few months ago, they started a conversation about who their best friends were, and Spencer said, ‘My best friend is an 80-year-old white woman who lives in a retirement community in Florida,’ and I said, ‘What?’” Butler told The Root.

According to Spencer, that conversation sparked an idea for the pastor. 

"She came to me weeks later and asked me how would I be interested in going to Florida for a day to meet her," he told FOX 5.

He did. They flew to Florida together where they had lunch at Roz’s favorite restaurant, and took a tour of her neighborhood. 

Because the only thing better than words with friends -- is time with them. 

Watch the video to see how this unlikely friendship formed.