24-yr-old woman seriously injured after being struck in Vallejo intersection

Vallejo residents are expressing concern over a busy intersection after a 24-year-old woman was struck and left with serious injuries.

Elena Hernandez was hit Tuesday around 12 p.m. as she was walking in the crosswalk at Sacramento and Redwood Streets. She spoke to KTVU from her hospital bed at North Bay Medical Center in Fairfield.

"My ribs, my head, I have a fracture," said Hernandez, adding she's in pain. 

Hernandez was walking to the store to buy medication for her father, just blocks from her home, when she was hit by a driver. Surveillance video showed a truck made a left turn and crashed into Hernandez. 

She said she was being careful, and looked to her left and right before crossing the street.  She never saw the truck coming before it hit her. 

"Right now, I don't feel angry, I feel sad," said Hernandez.  

Her family and neighbors said the intersection is dangerous, with many close-calls and crashes. 

"I've almost been hit several times since living here for 5 years," said Sara Anders, who lives near the intersection.  

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Neighbors said the hazard comes from the signal light turning white for pedestrians to cross the street at the same time oncoming traffic gets a green light to turn left.

"I don't use that crosswalk. I go the other way around," said Anders. "I would like to see at least a sign that says yield to pedestrians and maybe one that's flashing so it gets the driver's attention: Hey, there's a crosswalk here."

Police said the driver who hit Hernandez did not have a license, and that he was cited for a misdemeanor and released. 

Her family said they want him held accountable.

"Why are you driving without a license you're putting people at risk," said Danica Hernandez, the victim's sister. 

Hernandez said she's grateful she survived.

"I'm trying to stay positive," said Hernandez. "I can talk to you guys. I'm still alive, not in a coma. I still have pain." 

Police said the driver who struck Hernandez cooperated with officers at the scene and that he expressed remorse. Investigators said he did not have any outstanding warrants.  They declined to release any additional information about him. 

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