3 easy Super Bowl recipes

Easy Super Bowl recipes by Chef Francisco Lopez, Jr. of Charlie Palmer Steak Napa


Truffle Mac & Cheese

-1C Cooked Pasta

-2T. Bechamel

-4C. Milk

-2C White Cheddar

-1/2 oz Minced Truffle

-1t. Truffle Oil

1/2C of water to bind it


Mix it all together & bake 


Hot Wings

-4 oz house hot sauce or sauce of desire

-10 each wing (fried)

-2 oz. Ranch

-3 oz. celery sticks (batons)

-3 oz Carrot Sticks (batons)


Angus Beef Sliders


3 -2oz Angus Beef Sliders ( grilled or seared)

3 each Brioche Slider Buns

3 each Tomato Confit

2 oz. Romaine Chiffonade

1 oz chipotle Aioli (for each slider)


Put all together like you would a burger and enjoy