3 things your pet needs to be a social media star

Think your pet has what it takes to become the next internet animal celebrity? 

The Telegraph has a few hints to help you recognize the social media star inside your hairy companion.

Sparkles should have an unusual look. The more unique the look, the more memorable they are - giving Sparkles the edge he needs to stand out.

Fido should have a talent. While a skateboarding dog is COOL, the main talent needed is the ability to sit still and pose for pictures. If Fido can’t perform this trick, say goodbye to your chances of perfectly posed Instagram gold.

Spot needs a “brand.” Is he glamorous, funny, or cute? Sticking to an overall theme helps followers know if Spot’s got what they’re looking for.

So to make it big, he’ll need a look, a talent, and a brand. But it’s win/win whether they become famous or not, because you’re sure to end up with some fantastic pictures of your pet.