3rd Kevin Nishita murder suspect extradited to Oakland

The third suspect arrested in connection with the murder of news crew security guard Kevin Nishita is being extradited to Oakland on Tuesday, police said at a news conference.  

Oakland Sgt. Nicole Allen said Laron Gilbert, who was arrested in Kansas City, Missouri earlier this month, is expected to arrive by the afternoon. 

Gilbert and two other men, Shadihia Mitchell and Hershel Hale, are accused in the shooting death of Kevin Nishita during the attempted robbery of a KRON-TV news crew in Oakland on Nov. 24, 2021. 

Nishita died days later.

His wife, Virginia, stood at the news conference, holding a framed photo of him.

Gilbert, Mitchell and Hale were charged with murder, attempted robbery and assault with a semiautomatic gun.

Oakland police have said that Mitchell was the shooter and Gilbert was the getaway driver.

But last month, prosecutors dismissed the charge that alleges Mitchell pulled the trigger. 

Public Defender Brendon Woods said in a statement that evidence shows Gilbert was the shooter, contrary to what police have alleged. 

Woods’ office said investigators tried to cover up the "incompetence" by making it seem Mitchell was the shooter. 

Woods' office is defending Mitchell.

Gilbert was arrested in connection with a parole violation about three weeks after Nishita was killed, but he posted bail two days later, Oakland police said.

In March 2022, police obtained a warrant for his arrest in the fatal shooting. 

Oakland police hold a news conference on the extradition of Laron Gilbert, accused of killing Kevin Nishita Jan. 30, 2024