$4.57 million record bid for lunch with Warren Buffett

(KTVU ) -- Someone just bid a record amount of money to share a meal with billionaire business tycoon, Warren Buffett.

This was the 20th year for an online auction to have lunch with Buffett, and discuss investments and other economic advice.

The weeklong auction ended Friday night, with an anonymous person bidding a record $4.57 million.

The previous record was $3.46 million, first set in 2012 and then 2016.

The money goes to one of Buffett's most favorite charities, San francisco's Glide Memorial Church which provides services to the underprivilege.

Buffett will now take the winning bidder and up to 7 of their friends, for lunch at New York's famed Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse.

Glide president and CEO Karen Hanrahan issued a statement, "The partnership of "Mr. Bbuffett" and our winning bidder's generosity translates into more people with the services, support, and community they need to move from crisis to stability to resiliency."

This auction has generated more than $30 milllion in the past two decades.