44-year-old tourist fighting for life after being stabbed in the head in SF's Japantown

A 44-year-old tourist from the United Kingdom is suffering from life-threatening injuries after he was stabbed in the head on a residential San Francisco street, by someone trying to rob him, according to police.

"This is a very disgusting act that occurred," described San Francisco Police Spokesman Albie Esparza.
The attack happened around 8:30 p.m. Thursday on Post Street between Gough and Franklin Streets, just a block away from St. Mary's Cathedral.

They say an uncle visiting from the UK was walking here with his 23-year-old niece, who is up from Southern California.

That's when police say a man and a woman confronted them.

"The male suspect approached the male victim, chased him down the block and took his property. There was a brief struggle and during the robbery the suspect stabbed the victim in the head with a knife or sharp object," said Esparza.

The 44-year-old man was transported to the hospital.

Police say the female attacker tried unsuccessfully to grab the niece's backpack. The niece was not injured.
Police say they found a scarf they believe belongs to the female attacker. They will be examining it for any DNA.

The attackers ran off with the man's cash, credit cards, cell phone and passport.

"Our investigators are canvassing the neighborhood to see if they can locate any video surveillance to see if it captured any images of the suspects," said Esparza.

Police have released a vague description. They say the man they're looking for is African-American, 5’10” with a muscular build.

He was said to be wearing a dark, hooded sweatshirt.

The say the woman is African-American, 5’4” inches with dreadlocks.

Those who live in this residential neighborhood describe it as pretty safe.

"I think it's awful that it happened, especially in this neighborhood. You don't usually see things like that," Kevin Waller who lives nearby.