45-pound tortoise escapes Concord backyard, snatched up by Chevy van, police ask for help

Thomas the tortoise look-alike . Photo courtesy of Concord PD. 

Thomas the tortoise is on the loose after he escaped from his enclosure and was snatched up off the street by someone in a white Chevy van.  Concord police are asking for help with locating Thomas.

The 45-pound African spurred tortoise – much like the one in the photo – escaped from a back yard compound on Thursday morning and proceeded to make his way down Clayton Way near Concord Blvd.

A neighbor spotted the tortoise on the move and said he was “walking on the sidewalk as fast as he could go.” The neighbor also witnessed the van pull up and takes Thomas away.

Police are asking that anyone with information call their non-emergency number 925-671-3220.