49ers four-legged fan base, 'Frenchie Faithful' offers team unique support

You've heard of the Niners Faithful, but there is also another, arguably cuter, fan base called the "Frenchie Faithful."

Got Frenchie was founded in 2009 by Jaymar del Rosario and his brothers in Sacramento. They have since bred and sold numerous French bulldogs, but never imagined being a part of the 49ers family.

In 2018, Got Frenchie delivered its first Frenchie named Zoë to the team.

"I thought it was a dream and woke up and was like, man this isn’t a dream," del Rosario said. "We got invited to Levi’s Stadium and we brought a few people and about six or seven dogs."

In 2020, the Niners added another Frenchie named Rookie. Zoë and Rookie have their own official Instagram page filled with pics of them and players. The dogs provide emotional support to the players on the injured reserve list or companionship to rookie players.

Del Rosario said Frenchies help the players get their mind off the work or help them get the jitters out.

"To have these dogs around every day while they’re practicing I think that definitely helps the 49ers win," he said.

Del Rosario has sold dogs to Vernon Davis, Navarro Bowman, and to players on other NFL teams. He said all the dogs in the Frenchie Faithful are part of the same pedigree as Zoë and Rookie.

"We are happy to be a part of the 49ers family," Del Rosario said.