7 children sickened in San Jose by bad batch of candy

Authorities in the South Bay say seven children got sick after they apparently ate expired candy given out by a classmate.  

San Jose fire personnel went to Cesar Chavez Elementary School late Friday morning after receiving a report of seven students with "minor symptoms of upset stomach."

“I showed up and the office [had] police and ambulances. And [I asked], what happened to my son" said parent Marcel Agular. "Very scary. I didn’t know what happened [to my] son. What happened?"

A father, Carlos Villalobos, told KTVU that the candy bought at a nearby store had expired a year ago. 

“I think she’s going to be better. I just have to make an appointment with the doctor to make sure she’s right, that she’s okay,” Villalobos said regarding his daughter. 

A student who ate the item said its consistency is similar to gum.

“it tasted kind of weird. I couldn’t spit [it] out, because I swallowed it,” said Alexis Eaiz.

None of the affected students needed to go to the hospital, and all were released to their parents. 

Fire officials advise all parents to monitor their children throughout the rest of the day and night for symptoms, and take them to a doctor or emergency room if their condition worsens.

The Associated Press contributed to this report