720 citations issued, 19 cars impounded following San Jose sideshow

Police in San Jose issued over 700 citations and impounded 19 cars following a sideshow on Saturday night near Monterey Road and Branham Lane. 

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Someone even reported being carjacked.

As of Sunday morning, police were still processing paperwork and towing hundreds of cars. 

Over and over again, hundreds of people in San Jose continue to meet up, usually on the weekend, to be a part of a sideshow like this one. 

One woman told KTVU the sideshows are becoming more problematic. 

"It’s been really concerning with the sideshows," she said. "I’ve seen it happen for weeks now. They all gather at the City Sport parking lot at Blossom Hill and Monterey Highway." 

San Jose police tweeted Sunday morning about the event, saying over 500 cars were involved, 720 people were given citations, and 82 people received juvenile contact reports. Police also say they discovered a hand gun someone tossed away that night. 

"They turn up the music so loud and the base so loud that it rattles the house. The windows, the pictures on the walls shake. It’s just very loud and intrusive," the woman said.  

Police said multiple cars were abandoned near the intersection including two cars that had been previously stolen. The woman we spoke with says she’s made police reports before but last night she decided to call 911.

"I finally got to that point last night when I could hear the tires squealing, and I could smell the burning tires. It was bad. It was loud, and it went on for a long time before police arrived," the woman said.  

The woman says she thinks the sideshow went on for about four hours before police shut it down. 

There was also sideshow activity at Virginia and 7th streets in downtown San Jose the same night. 

San Jose police says breaking up the sideshow was a large, coordinated effort including officers from multiple work shifts.