8-year-old girl's baseball highlight reel goes viral

When 8-year-old Ashlynn Therien was told "girls shouldn't be playing baseball," the little athlete refused to walk away from the sport she loves and has showed up her critics in an impressive video that's now gone viral.

Last year, the Toronto girl won MVP honors at a regional finals game with her baseball team. But despite the recognition, another parent on the team told the child that girls shouldn't be playing the game and that they should stick to softball.

Then after tryouts the following season, Ashlynn was cut from the team.

But none of that stopped the determined child. She didn't back down, and she just kept practicing and playing.

Now a highlight reel featuring her impressive fielding skills has caught a lot of people's attention. The images of her racing on a field and diving to catch balls have gone viral.

A group called "Baseball for All," has taken notice too. The organization seeks to elevate players like Ashlynn, as it aims to level the playing field for girls across the country.

"Baseball for All," has invited Ashlynn to its national tournament later this month in Rockford, Illinois. The annual event is hailed as the largest all-female baseball tournament in the country. 

Ashlynn will be joined by 350 others, all ready to show the world that girls can play baseball too.

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.