82-YO woman recovers from serious injury after Apple Store robbery

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An 82-year-old San Jose woman is recovering at a rehabilitation center after she was badly injured in a robbery at an Apple store. Nine days later, the victim is still suffering from a broken pelvis and in intense therapy. She’s not expected to be out of rehab until next month.

Four staples in her head, two fractures in her pelvic area and scrapes on her ankle, shoulder and back are among the injuries an 82-year-old grandmother suffered after a visit to the Apple store a week ago Monday.

“I’m lucky that I didn't have a concussion and loss of memory,” said Shirley, who asked KTVU not to share her last name.

Shirley said just before 11 a.m., she went to the Apple store in downtown Los Gatos to look at a new app. When she saw the greeter, she knew something wasn't right.

“He looked like fear,” said Shirley. “I looked into the room and it literally exploded with fear, people screaming, customers running around.”

With no security guards around, she first thought it was a terrorist attack. She immediately ran to the door. She said the robbers then catapulted her out of the store.

“The impact was so great they probably just had me airlifted,” said Shirley. “My head was bleeding really bad.”

Lying on the curb, she thought she was paralyzed. Police said four male robbers stole a variety of merchandise and were last seen driving off in a black Dodge Charger. Los Gatos Police aren't releasing surveillance images of the suspects and said the investigation is ongoing. Police also said they're working with other law enforcement to see if
the suspects are involved in other crimes in the Bay Area.

“Everybody is shocked when they heard about it and everybody is oh my gosh at her age, she's very lucky,” said Cynthia Abalos, nurse director for the inpatient rehab program.

Shirley is sharing her story to caution other residents. She thought this would never happen to her, saying even in a safe little town trouble can happen anytime, anywhere.

“I walked in that store like I walk in there every day just happy to be there” said Shirley. “Maybe if I made a little surveillance I would have seen some commotion starting.”

She said her neighbor is Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak.

She wishes there was better security at Apple.  KTVU reached out to Apple who said they don't comment on security matters and directed KTVU to local law enforcement.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to contact Los Gatos Police at (408) 354-5257.